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Strongest and Zero Compromise Authentication Device

Protecting digital asset (Mobile Banking, Online Trading, Email, Social Media, etc.) from account take over attempts (SIM Swap, Brute Force, Password Guesting and other methods)

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About Yubikey

is hardware authenticator for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) , support multiple authentication protocol (Smart Card, U2F, Fido2, OTP, OpenPgP)     

Yubikey for protecting digital assets.

Yubikey is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that can be used to protect digital assets.


Strong hardware protection

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Works with many operating system like windows, Mac and linux

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FIPS certification ready for some selected series

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Can be use with One to many and many to one depends on your need

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Biometric option is available for selected series

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Works with many application


Portable credentials across devices

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Cross Platform Coverage

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Accelerate business growth
with Yubikey by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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