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Changing the game for modern phishing-resistant authentication

100% Built for Security and delivering modern authentication to secure the identities of your employees and users, accounts and devices, reduce support costs, and experience an unmatched user experience.

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About Security Key

Hardware authentication, with Multi-protocol to eliminate account takeovers and one touch for seamless login. This enables strong security for both legacy and modern environments. supports One Time Password (OTP), Public Key Cryptography, and Account Takeover Authentication. Delivered in a variety of form factors enabling users to secure and protect their access to online accounts on all the devices they prefer, across desktop and mobile.

Easy-to-use, strong authentication

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Strong two-factor

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Strong multi-factor

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Anti Phishing /Hack

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One Key For All

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Without Battery

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Water Resistance

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Crush Resistance

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Easy to Use : Touch to Authenticate

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and so on..

Security Key for protecting digital assets.

Docotel is an authorized reseller of Yubico products, offering a range of secure and reliable authentication solutions for individuals and organizations.

Accelerate business growth
with Security Key by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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