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Eliminate data leaks and protect digital files

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About Secure Data

Security is more than encryption. It’s a mindset that covers many different aspects of our encrypted USB drive design. From the materials that we choose to the self-destruct mechanisms we’ve put in place, our goal is to protect your data. Using carefully curated materials, we’ve designed our keypad keys to resist wear so that patterns do not appear over time. Resistant to brute-force attack, our drives have been designed to lock down and accept no more user input after 10 incorrect attempts. In the event our drive is taken apart, special epoxy will destroy the cryptographic chip containing the key.

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Preventing data leaks

SecureData is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that can be prevent data leaks and protects digital files.

fips validate docotel

FIPS Validated, Comply with Level 3 Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 104-2

Host Independent docotel

OS/Host Independent, Run on Windows, Linux and other without requesting to install library

hardware encrypted docotel

Hardware Encrypted, Full-disk AES 256 Bit - XTS hardware encrypted

usage mode docotel

Usage Mode, Admin/ User, Read Only, Time-out Auto-lock

secure hardware docotel

Secure Hardware, Brute Force Anti Hacking protection, Epoxy Covered crypto-boundery

anti virus docotel

Anti-Virus, Anti-Virus protection with ClevX Drive Security(R) powered by ESET

backup data docotel

Backup, Optional - automatic cloud backup with ClevX USBtoCloud(R).

Accelerate business growth
with Secure Data by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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