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Simplify, Secure, and Supercharge Your Payments with QRIS!

Discover how QRIS is set to simplify your financial life, fortify your transactions, supercharge your payment journey, and the game-changer that unifies all your digital payment methods into one sleek, easy-to-use QR code.

QRIS Indonesia - Quick Response Code for Payments
Solusi Pembayaran QRIS docotel

About QRIS

QRIS, or Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard, is a standardized QR code developed by the Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI). This innovative solution simplifies non-cash payments across Indonesia's digital landscape.

QRIS serves as a unifying platform for various digital payment methods, eliminating the need for multiple QR codes from different payment providers. It achieves this by encapsulating all necessary payment information within a single QR code.


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Web & Mobile

For Merchant

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core system qris docotel
automated and integrated reporting qris docotel
24 hour Full Support qris docotel

Monitoring System

Core System

Automated and Integrated Reporting

24 hour Full Support

How It Works


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One QR Code for all Payments

National QR code standard to facilitate QR code payments in Indonesia launched by Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Payment System Association

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