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Artificial intelligence has never been more human

Processing human conversation, receiving and interpreting customer intent and communicating to a near-human level of intelligence.

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about robocall artificial intelligence docotel

About RoboCall

Based on technology layer, voice AI robot has been designed to speak like a human so customers often don't realize that they are actually talking to a robot. Voice AI is different from IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) which is one way. Voice AI provides a fairly smooth way of two-way communication.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Natural Language Understanding

Text to Speech


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WeCall AI Assistants


Serve more customers across multiple channels more efficiently, without compromising quality. Now you’re talking.

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WeScribe Quality Assurance


Improve the quality of your calls, agents and insights at scale by capturing, analysing and optimising every single interaction.


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Recordings to text conversion

information robocall ai docotel

Information Inquiry

*info Checker

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Report system

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Witness Checker

reminding robocall docotel

Reminding System

scoring call robocall ai docotel

Scoring system

qa ai docotel

Quality Assurance

verification robocall ai docotel

Data Verification

data security docotel

Data Security

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dashboard openai chat robocall docotel

Reach more with RoboCall

RoboCall is a smart and smooth machine learning for customer engagement

Accelerate business growth
with RoboCall by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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