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Degaussing is a process of reducing or getting rid of residual magnetic fields. This is named gauss, which is a unit of magnetism. The name gauss is also used in order to honor Carl Friedrich Gauss. Since magnetic hysteresis is particularly not possible to reduce the magnetic field completely to zero, degaussing usually induces a very small field that is known as bias.

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About Hardisk Degausser

Degausser is a powerful data shredder that comes in a drawer style. This unit is quite compact with its dimension of 12 inches x 12 inches x 20 inches.


The weight of this unit is 21.8 Kg. So, it is quite compact and will not take a lot of space in your office. This HDD shredder works by permanently deleting all hard drive data from all tape media. It is equipped with a magnetic field that can work up to 1.5 Tesla in each cycle.

This HDD shredder is specifically manufactured to destroy all data according to the standards and requirements of the US DoD or US Department of Defense and DSS or Defense Security Services. So that all unclassified data can be automatically and permanently deleted. The unit can help to erase all sensitive and confidential data according to the rules of NIST, FACTA, PCI, GLBA, PIPEDA, DSS, GDPR, and many others.

Complete Data Sanitary Management

Hard disk shredder and degausser will ensure the data will never be restored. 

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Easy to Operate, Simple & clear button label information led to easy to operate.

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Destruction Method, Shredding or Crushing to ensure data on the shredded or crushed will never be able to restored.

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High Throughout, 60 to 200 hard disk per-day

Prevent data leaks
with Hard Disk Shredder and Crusher by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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