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Optimizing Business Conversation Dialogue Models into a Super Chatbot

We offer Artificial Intelligence Assistant That Can Interact In Text and Voice Using Modern Communication Channel

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Robochat chatbot solution

About RoboChat

By combining the Chatbot System (Rule-based Technology and NLP Intent Classification) with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) with SAAS solutions, it makes Super Chatbot.

The capabilities of these chatbots can help revolutionize your business with customer service that can understand and respond to customer needs 24/7 in a more personalized and human-like. By providing AI Chatbot that automatically communicates and transacts with customers using chat on various communication channels such as; email, whatsapp, fb messenger, line, telegram, website, mobile apps and other channels.


Robochat agent

Chat Assistant


Assist user to serve and handle customers, from the ordering process to transactions,

Robochat chatbot software

Single Dashboard Integration


Single dashboard that integrated with many social platforms, to serve customers from various social platforms.

Robochat chatbot builder

Easily Integrated to Many

Social Media at Once


Only need to create chatbot once, and it would be ready to be run in various social platforms.


Robochat chatbot customizable chatbot

Cost Savings

Robochat chatbot solution

Fast Response

Robochat chatbot documentation

Media Promotion

Robochat chatbot support

Ready for 24 Hours 

Robochat chatbot ROI analytic

Data Analytic

Robochat chatbot customizable chatbot

System Automation

Robochat chatbot community

Serve Larger Number of Customers

Robochat chatbot

Personal Approach

Robochat features customer service

How it Works

Robochat chatbot platform

ChatBot As Virtual assistants chatbot, Build custom or ready made solution without coding that will engage and delight Your Customers with simple steps.

Robochat chatbot ROI

OmniBotika All in one dashboard system to centralized communication channels and automates conversations with AI chatbot.

Robochat chatbot performance

Platform a dashboard that has full control for chatbots, we can make chatbots, install chatbot rules, integrate and monitor chat between users and bots through the chat console.

22 Channel


Save time with automated processes

RoboChat will bring long-term customer by establishing end to end unique conversation flow.

Accelerate business growth
with RoboChat by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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