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Step into a New Era
of Banking

Introducing Virtual Accounts for Effortless Financial Freedom! Say goodbye to traditional banking constraints and embrace a world where transactions are as easy as a click. Join us on a journey to simplified banking and discover the power of seamless transactions with Virtual Accounts

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Solusi Perbankan virtual Bank Modern docotel

About Virtual Account

The virtual account application service in the banking sector is one of the innovations in the financial industry that allows users to easily conduct financial transactions without the need to possess a physical account directly.


In this service, the bank provides a virtual account number to customers that is linked to their main account. Customers can use this virtual account number to receive payments from various sources, such as transfers from other banks, payments from customers, or receipt of payments from online platforms.


compliance virtual account docotel
Portal Admin Virtual Account docotel

Portal Admin

Realtime Report Transactions Virtual Account docotel

Realtime Report Transactions

Portal Biller Virtual Account docotel

Portal Biller

Types VA Credit virtual account docotel

6 Types VA Credit

API Virtual Account Management virtual account docotel

API Virtual Account Management

Types VA Debit virtual account docotel

4 Types VA Debit

Virtual Account Management virtual account docotel

Virtual Account Management


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How It Works

Tipe Virtual Account

Tipe VA Credit

  1. Open Payment (kode billing : o)

  2. Fixed Payment (kode billing : c)

  3. Partial Payment (kode billing : i)

  4. Minimum Payment (kode billing : m)

  5. Open Minimum Payment (kode billing : n)

  6. Open Maximum Payment (kode billing : x)

Tipe VA Debit

  1. Open Debit (kode billing : p)

  2. Fixed Debit (kode billing : d)

  3. Partial Debit (kode billing : j)

  4. Debit/Credit (kode billing : z)

tipe virtual account docotel


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Virtual Accounts Make Paying Bills Easier

Use our virtual account to easily reconcile transactions. Get several benefits such as ease of implementation and time efficiency

Accelerate business growth
with Virtual Account Dhealth by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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