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A hard drive shredder that can shred and
crush the hard disk into small pieces

A hard drive shredder can shred a computer's hard drive into small hard drive pieces leaving the data on the hard drive safe so it can't be leaked or stolen. Especially if you have some confidential data, destroying the hard drive is very important to do.

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About Hard Disk Shredder

These cutting blades are strong enough to effectively destroy any kind of hard drive that you can think of. Other than hard drives, these cutting blades can also destroy other electronic devices.


These devices include cell phones, PDAs, smartphones, and so many more. You can also destroy various optical media such as DVDs and CDs with the help of this machine. The blades can handle up to 500 hard drives per hour. They will shred these hard drives and reduce them to random small shreds.

Jackhammer HDD Shredder does not make that much noise when you operate it. That is why this machine is very ideal for office use. It will not disturb everyone who is working at the office at all. You can plug this machine into a 120-volt/20-amp wall outlet, which is pretty standard. That is why you might want to consider getting this for your office.

Complete Data Sanitary Management

Hard disk shredder will ensure the data will never be restored. 

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Easy to Operate, Simple & clear button label information led to easy to operate.

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Destruction Method, Shredding or Crushing to ensure data on the shredded or crushed will never be able to restored.

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High Throughout, 60 to 200 hard disk per-day

Prevent data leaks
with Hard Disk Shredder by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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