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Bank Facilitator

“Unlock the Future, Your One-Stop Hub and Gateway to Seamless Financial Excellence!!”

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, we bring you a solution that blends innovation and banking prowess. Discover how Bank Facilitator can transform your business.

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About Bank Facilitator

Bank Facilitator in an aggregator of banking product with a variety of products and services that are integrated through the API. We also provides a web portal facility that helps clients to monitor, manage Cash-in and Cash-out in real time in your business.

Benefit Bank Facilitator

End to End Services docotel

End to End Services

Flexible Payment Method Types docotel

Flexible Payment MethodTypes

Fast, Seamless, & Easy Process docotel

Fast, Seamless, & Easy Process

Increase attractiveness & Company Credibility docotel

Increase attractiveness & Company Credibility

features bank fasilitator docotel

Our Banking Services 

Virtual Account

Virtual Account

Cara pembayaran digital dengan menggunakan akun virtual yang dibuat khusus untuk masing-masing pelanggan. Untuk setiap transaksi, pelanggan akan diarahkan ke Virtual Account tersebut untuk melakukan pembayaran.

fitur virtual account
  • Customer dapat melakukan inisiasi pembayaran, melihat informasi pembayaran, membatalkan pembayaran (tergantung dari kebijakan/system merchant).

  • Merchant dapat melakukan inisiasi pembayaran, menerima pembayaran, melihat informasi pembayaran, dan memproses pengembalian dana.

  • Bank dapat memproses pembayaran, memvalidasi pembayaran, memverifikasi informasi pembayaran, dan memberikan informasi pembayaran.

Cara Kerja Bank Fasilitator

Bank Fasilitator adalah sebuah entitas yang memfasilitasi pembayaran antara ketiga pelaku: Customer, Merchant, dan Bank.

Alur Integrasi Non-API/Portal

Alur Integrasi Bank Facilitator Non-APIP docotel

Use Case Bank Facilitator

Virtual Account

Virtual Account

Sistem menerima pembayaran untuk barang atau jasa yang dibeli secara online

Use case ini menggambarkan proses pembayaran untuk barang atau jasa yang dibeli secara online. Secara umum, proses ini melibatkan langkah-langkah berikut:

  • Memilih metode pembayaran

  • Memasukkan detail pembayaran

  • Mengizinkan pembayaran

  • Menerima konfirmasi pembayaran

Alur Integrasi uses case Bank Facilitator Virtual Account docotel

Bank Facilitator Make Paying Bills Easier

Use our Bank Facilitator to easily reconcile transactions. Get several benefits such as ease of implementation and time efficiency

Accelerate business growth
with Bank Facilitator by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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