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Cyber Security Training Solution

Security Awareness Platform allows organizations to measure  and improve the security awareness of employees and test the IT defences

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About Security Awareness Platform

Security Awareness Platform is attacking and security training  platform in one place, its enables organizations to do phishing simulation, identify gaps in both the technical infrastructure and security awareness and resolve them through a comprehensive e-learning program.

Design, plan and run security aware program by yourself

Security Awareness Platform is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that allow organization to do design, plan and run Phishing Simulation & Online Cyber Security Training.

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Attack Features

  • Phishing simulations

  • Portable media attacks (USB, CD, etc.)

  • Malware Simulations (Office macros, Java, etc.)

  • File-based attacks (PDF, Audio, etc.)

  • Spoofing attacks (Website Cloner, SMS & Mail Spoofing)

  • Double Barrel attacks

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Training Features

  • 300+ training modules

  • Role- and Reputation-based training

  • End user training portal

  • E-Learning education diploma

  • Measure training success

  •  E-Learning content authoring toolkit

  • Static training library

  • Off-site support

  • Video customization options

  • Training content export (SCORM)

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Mail Plugin Features:

  • Report email with single click

  • Deep inspection request

  • Automatic incident analysis

  • Incident auto feedback

  • Threat mitigation

  • Custom rule-based analysis

  • Plugin customization options

  • Third party integration

  • Identity attacks with common patterns

  • Incident user reputation profile

Accelerate business growth
with Security Awareness Training And Phishing​ Platform by DOCOTEL

Get more done with Security Awareness Platform from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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