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About Us

Docotel Teknologi, a pioneering information technology company founded in 2011. As industry leaders, we take pride in our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering cutting-edge and comprehensive end-to-end technology solutions to our valued partners and clients. With our extensive experience in the field, we have honed our expertise in system integration, enabling us to seamlessly connect diverse systems, optimize processes, and unlock new possibilities across various sectors.

Docotel team of experts is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and tailoring solutions that precisely align with your goals. We have a strong focus on key areas such as Financial and Health Services. These sectors are at the forefront of our innovation and development efforts as we strive to provide specialized solutions that address the unique challenges faced by our clients. 

Our primary goal is to deliver solutions that not only solve problems but also empower businesses, to enable streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve your objectives with greater effectiveness. In line with our ethos, our tagline, "Better Through Technology," encapsulates the spirit of our company and reflects our unwavering commitment to leveraging technology to drive positive transformations for our clients.


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Vision & Mission


To be the first name that comes to mind when people think about information technology solutions


  • To provide and deliver comprehensive, end-to-end technology solutions

  • Tailored to our client's unique needs and objectives by seamlessly integrate systems

  • Optimize processes, and unlock new possibilities.

Core value Docotel

Core Values

Deliver WoW Factor Docotel

Deliver WoW Factor

We deliver the best solution that exceed your expectation based on the research and deep knowledge to solve your problems.

Integrity Docotel

Integrity (H)

This is key. Small compromises will lead to big errors. Experience has taught us that integrity should be our core value. It is our “do not compromise” attitude that provides assurance to our clients.

Professionalism Docotel

Professionalism (H)

Professionalism to us means deliver on time. Deliver above and beyond what was promised. Deliver fully tested, robust well documented products and solutions. If it is a service, we will meet every SLA.

Commitment Docotel

Commitment (H)

Commitment to us means quality. We are committed to deliver products, solutions and services of the highest quality. Commitment also means providing world class support when required.

Involvement Docotel

Involvement (H)

We do not think of our clients as clients. They are essentially our partners; their success is our success. Nothing makes us happier when we are able to provide solutions that cuts their cost, grows their margins or helps them in their quest for efficiency.

Core Values

Docotel Subsidiaries

Tilaka Digital Signature Docotel

PT. Tilaka Nusa Teknologi

Tilaka provides digital signature solutions for your company

Solusi Pembayaran Elektronik Fintek Docotel

PT Solusi Pembayaran Elektronik

Financial management technology platform for modern business

SIMRS Indonesia Dhealth Docotel

PT Citraraya Nusatama

Hospital Information Management System



Docotel Teams consist of dedicated individuals who have the experience and expertise to analyze and provide transformative products and services. No matter how difficult the engagement, we come up with innovative products and solutions that remove complexities to create a seamless experience for the client.

Nico Amon Docotel

Nico Amon

Founder & CEO

Vincent E. Gunawan Docotel

Vincent E. Gunawan


Yudis Tuasamu

Yudis Tuasamu


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