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Docotel is an information technology company focused on tomorrow. What is tomorrow? Tomorrow Is a vision, driven by research, necessity & innovations. The constantly changing world produces solutions to create a better world. It is our job to take these visions and bring them to life. Using our experience and expertise we create solutions, solutions that matter, solutions that are efficient, economic and bring value to the customer and to their clients.
Since its humble beginnings in 2011, Docotel has grown to 4 subsidiaries and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Fintech, Health, Cyber security are areas that we are focused on.

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To be the first name that comes to mind when people or organizations think about technology or technology-based solutions.


To be innovators and enablers in legacy and next generation technologies. To be the leading providers of “effective and economic” technology products, services and solutions.

Core Values

5 WHAT And 4 HOW

Research and innovation (W)

Everything we do is based on deep research. Every source and every bit of information is used to make sure that our client gets the best. That our solutions stand the most rigorous of tests.

Core Value: Research and innovation (W)

Up-to-date information (W)

Technology changes fast. To be updated in such a dynamic environment is challenging, but we are up to it. We make sure that we are listening and absorbing technology changes as it happens.

Core Value: Up-to-date information (W)

Understand Customer needs (W)

Our Subject matter experts understand that every customer is different and that they all have their very own requirements.

Core Value: Understand Customer needs (W)

Simplify (W)

We do all the hard-work so that in the end we can “simplify” the solution. Our presentations, our strategies are all very simple – to understand, to implement and to use.

Core Value: Simplify (W)

Deliver relevant solutions (W)

We use our research, up-to-date information and customer specific requirements to deliver relevant solutions.

Core Value: Deliver relevant solutions (W)

Integrity (H)

This is key. Small compromises will lead to big errors. Experience has taught us that integrity should be our core value. It is our “do not compromise” attitude that provides assurance to our clients.

Core Value: Integrity (H)

Professionalism (H)

Professionalism to us means deliver on time. Deliver above and beyond what was promised. Deliver fully tested, robust well documented products and solutions. If it is a service, we will meet every SLA.

Core Value: Professionalism (H)

Commitment (H)

Commitment to us means quality. We are committed to deliver products, solutions and services of the highest quality. Commitment also means providing world class support when required.

Core Value: Commitment (H)

Involvement (H)

We do not think of our clients as clients. They are essentially our partners; their success is our success. Nothing makes us happier when we are able to provide solutions that cuts their cost, grows their margins or helps them in their quest for efficiency.

Core Value: Involvement (H)

Docotel Subsidiaries


Docotel Teams consist of dedicated individuals who have the experience and expertise to analyze and provide transformative products and services. No matter how difficult the engagement, we come up with innovative products and solutions that remove complexities to create a seamless experience for the client.

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