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Verify Yours Better

Introduce You Miss Call OTP Solutions, the revolutionize way to do reliable OTP that ensures delivery status and do it in a more cost-efficient way.

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About Misscall OTP

A simple, low cost and secure telecommunications based solution to verify through missed calls to the user's mobile phone. This service automates the verification process and ensures timely delivery of the OTP code as it will be sent directly to the user's cellphone.


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User Friendly


It's easy for the user to understand Android even has autofill feature.

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Cost Efficient

Save up to 72% and pay based on your success delivery.

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Real-Time Report

Track your usage and delivery rate in real-time using our dashboard.

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Simple Integration


Integration made easy with our API & Widget.

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Scale according to your needs at any time.

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24/7 Support

We're always ready for you if you need anything from us

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Enter Your Phone Number!

Got Missed Call

Complete the last 4 digits

Your Phone Number is Verified


How long is duration of misscall?

Approximately 3 - 5 seconds, duration are based on provider, living area also network signal.

What happens when user picked up the call?

Our system will automatically terminate the call, and any expense occur will be Docotel liability.

How many retry should we give to user?

2 times is a good number for retry, because to prevent abuse. After 3 times, it is suggested to give notification to get a better signal as usually the user do not get good signal in their location.

What if misscall not arrive? What can be the problem?

There can be various reason, which we will be glad to assist you. But the most common status is when users do not enter their number correctly. Sometimes, users do not know whether where they’re at when they request for OTP code has a good signal or not or users’ phone might not working at that time. It suggested that you give notification to get better signal if you get fail status from us.

What is OTP Docotel coverage? Can this be used on a global scale?

We start and grow in Indonesia. But currently we already able to send misscall OTP worldwide.

How to Integrate?

We use API / Widget / APK to integrate our service. Citcall team will send you the link with trial account to try our reliable services.

How Private is OTP Service Docotel?

OTP Docotel service is very private, we used our very own-built system to deliver service to our client’s. Docotel is committed with all aspect of our client’s privacy. Non Disclosure Agreement will be provided.

What is the gateway in the Docotel OTP document?

We use different method in each gateway to deliver the misscall OTP to your client. For best use case use gateway 0 for the initial method, if it fail then use gateway 1 for retry, and gateway 2 for second retry. for third time, we suggest to give pop notification to inform user that they have no reception and move to other place to get a better signal.


Kami memiliki begitu banyak pelanggan, dan mereka memiliki beberapa kata yang ingin disampaikan tentang kami!

“Semenjak i.saku menggunakan misscall OTP Docotel, sekarang proses pengiriman kode OTP ke pengguna semakin mudah diterima dan jarang terjadi kendala, harga yang ditawarkan lebih bersahabat, dan tim Docotel juga Cepat dalam menangapi jika terjadi kendala."

Isaku Indomaret docotel

Yosef Parlan

i.saku, Indomaret

“Dengan menggunakan Misscall OTP dari docotel pada applikasi Poinku memudahkan user utk melakukan verifikasi dengan harga yang murah meriah.”

Indomaret poinku docotel

Stephanus B Gandawinata 

CRM Marketing Manager

Poinku, Indomaret

Securing transaction at efficient cost

MissCall is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that can be used to authenticate transaction.

Accelerate business growth
with MissCall OTP by DOCOTEL

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Docotel that are used by thousands of businesses.

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