Docotel Teknologi is a leading specialist in Information Technology Solutions based in Jakarta.



AHU Online is the official website of General Directorate of Public Law Administration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, which is a system of legal services which includes transactions Notary, Law Firm (Company, Foundation, and Association), Fiduciary, and Testament.


SIP2Tel or Telecommunication Equipment Testing Information System is a system from BBPPT (Institute of Telecommunication Equipment Testing) which is a company under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.


2015 SIDBANKUM Online application is the Information System Database Legal Aid Application used by Legal Aid Orgaization for filling a legal aid application process. The successful of Docotel performance in their collaboration with AHU made they trusted Docotel again for make an application which managed by Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.


Solutions is a number of people bounded with technology advances, up-to-date and always upgrade their skill. They are ready to research, plan, design, create, and evaluate the tools needed.

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Known as system integrator team, they are the strongest team in DOcotel. They are ready to hunt and being a great dealer for clients who need.

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Some crazy artist came together under Docotel Creative team. They are thinker, painter, and singer at once. They able to handle any visual design problem start from the client brief, learn the...

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