Study Case


Sistem Monitoring Aktivitas Rutin Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Negara

About the Company

Directorate General of State Assets Management (DJKN) is one of the echelon unit 1 under Ministry of Finance in charge of managing country’s wealth and doing standarisation technic in loans in case of country’s debts and auctions, according to applied law.

Initial Requirements

To support daily operational activities, DJKN needs to receive and delivering information internally, both individually and activity per unit/section. Because of delivering process should have done easily and quickly, so DJKN plans to create an internal application which can be accessed online.


During the application making process, coverage requirements that must be done is very detailed with large amount. Docotel team also need to adjust the transformation that happened from time to time. Not only a dynamic requirement, a relatively short working time provides its own challenges for the Docotel team in order to keep delivering quality results in just 2 months.

Ideas for overcoming the Challenges

To pursue an increasingly narrow deadline, Docotel team increased the number of skilled manpower in the middle of the work, so total team personnel become more than 20 people. To speed up the phase of work, the team did sharing knowledge between developers in order to make more effective teamwork. On top of that, the project manager also create a flow and implementation of the application technically simple and easily understood by the whole team.


Great ideas from SMARt application is ease the process of submission of information between internal employees of DJKN. Therefore, this application is divided into three major interrelated modules, namely:

A. Personal Module

This system serves to make it easy for any employee to obtain information related to the data clerks, travel, training, attendance history, preferences work units, earnings, company history, and personal email staffing.

B. Correspondence Module

This system serve to recording and processing mail for each employee or placeman by online.

C. APT Module (Integrated Services Module)

This system serves to ease the application process relating to managing country’s wealth, services assessment, country’s loans and auctions.

To build internal applications such as SMARt, Docotel team selecting system and software according the needs of DJKN, with the following specs:


SMARt application data accessibility increases with accurate and timely for the user, that is an important thing for a government agency. In addition, SMARt application also had to accommodate the needs of users in furnishing of Correspondence Module, personal module that integrates data staffing, and Integrated Services Module that contains information about the terms of service and cost.