Study Case


Visual Branding Direktorat Jenderal Pengelolaan Pembiayaan dan Risiko

About the Company

DJPPR is echelon unit 1 under Ministry of Finance in charge of managing finance and coutry’s risk. Before ministry regulation Number 206/PMK.01/2014 are issued, this unit are known as DJPU. One of the purpose of this instation name changed is a government’s plan to reduce dependance of loans, and turning to cooperation with private government’s for infrastructure fund.

Initial Requirements

There are many people thinks that country loans is the evidence of Indonesian lack in economics. Actually, loans which properly managed will fasten acceleration developing country, espicially national infrastructure. This is the message which will be announced to all Indonesian public and local investor, for earning public trust againts DJPPR.


There is a challenge in designing whole of visual branding for DJPPR. Starting from an extraordinary concept, to a large number of items that must be completed produced in relatively short time. Especially for shooting a Video Profile, creative team get challenges in adjusting the schedule of shooting with the placeman. The placeman’s agenda is a very dynamic, make the shooting schedule for Video Profile being uncertainty.

Ideas for overcoming the Challenges

For anticipating overload work in short time, Docotel creative team doing some pararel item, and adding manpower in midst of production process. Meanwhile, to compesate placeman’s agenda which will be asked for testimonial, Docotel creative team prepare 1 week for focus on shooting process. So if any sudden changes in schedule from the placeman, the team is standby and always ready to set off whenever and wherever.


For introducing DJPPR, Docotel creative team using video profile with testimonial concept from third party. This testimonial concept seems right to showing DJPPR professionalism in managing country’s loans. Testimonial is taken over 6 work days through shooting process, by involving Coordinating Minister for Economics Affairs, Ministry of Economics Affairs, Head of State Mininster of Chairperson of the National Development Planning Agency, Director General of Budget, and high officials which directly connected with Directorate General of Budget Financing and Risk Management.

Other than Video Profile, Infographics and Motion Graphics Video, Docotel also produced for explaining some products and services which are owned by DJPPR. To provide maximal results, Docotel creative team using high quality software and tools as following:


For whole DJPPR visual branding, Docotel creative team produce:

  • Mascot Concept & Design
  • Presentation Template
  • Merchandise Designs:
    • Mug Design
    • Pen Design
    • Standing Banner Design
    • Notebook Design
    • Banner Design
    • Goody Bag Design
    • Flash Disk Design
    • Back drop Design
  • 1 Profile Video
  • 4 Motion Graphic Video
  • 12 Infographic

All of the videos and designs were displayed for the first time in Investor Gathering event, December 7-8th 2015 ago. The event was attended by local and international investors, Darmin Nasution as the 16th Coordinating Minister of Economics Affairs, Bambang Brodjonegoro as the 29th Minister of Economics Affairs, Sofyan Djalil as Head of State Mininster of Chairperson of the National Development Planning Agency, Robert Pakpahan as Director General of Budget Financing and Risk Management, and high officials which directly connected with Director General of Budget Financing and Risk Management.