Study Case


Telecommunication Equipment Testing Information System

About the Company

SIP2Tel or Telecommunication Equipment Testing Information System is a system from BBPPT (Institute of Telecommunication Equipment Testing) which is a company under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
SIP2Tel is an information system that is used to test telecommunications equipment integrated with postel (post and telecommunications).

Initial Requirements

SIP2Tel wants to update an existing application in order to proceed more quickly and accurately. Namely, a service application (system) for BBPPT ISO standards to conduct tests according to the applicable business processes. Starting from the applicant, the service, until the testing and output in RHU (Testing Result Summary) known as the IMEI number.


The need from the test hall are very dynamic.

The Business process is long and complicated.

Big migrating data process.

Platform resources are still rare (.NET from Microsoft)

Ideas for overcoming the Challenges

Communication and work routinely.

Use the appropriate database system.

Creating a dynamic system according to the business process.


  • Creating tools for data integration.(helpdesk and service)


  • Generate business processes and expert systems dynamically.
  • Creating a system that can produce RHU and make identification using QR code.
  • Identify the problem more quickly and the process is transparent and real time so that the testing is faster.

BBPPT parties can find out the troubled, the late, and the ideal data petition in a precise and fast timing.