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PrivX Priviledged Access Management

PrivX is a scalable, cost-efficient, and highly automated privileged access management (PAM) solution for your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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About PrivX

PrivX is Lean Privileged Access Management  for superuser and privileged user management on hybrid and multi-cloud environment by providing automated, just-in-time access, scalable and cost efficient.

Client will have more secure access to server, network device and other with low complexity and cost.

Securing user with elevated access 

PrivX is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that can be used to secure user with elevated access.


Plug & Play

With PrivX you minimize manual steps, complex processes and software bloat. There are plug-and-play integrations with REST APIs

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Automated Access

PrivX automatically keeps user authorizations up to date, auto-discovers cloud hosts and operates without agents.

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Passwordless, just-in-time & Zero Trust authentication

With PrivX, all secrets needed for a connection are created on-demand and just-in-time (JIT), so they exist long enough to establish the connection but disappear automatically afterwards. These short-lived ephemeral certificates free you from the pain and complexity of managing leave-behind credentials.

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Audit & Log

Provide log of connection & session activity to enable audit and comply to regulation.

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Securing Privileged User
with PrivX form SSH.Com by DOCOTEL

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