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About The Company

iSHIKNAS is an application owned by Ministry of Agriculture created for organizing and managing the flow information of national animal health. iSHIKNAS manages the information flow between whole Indonesian farmers and the governments so the health information either owned by the government also owned by farmers can be monitored and addressed in real time without any limitation of time and distance that makes the handling of animals health is being hampered.

Initial Requirements

Australia – Indonesia Partnership Program for Emerging Infectious Diseases (AIP-EID) which is founded by Ministry of Agriculture and cooperating with Australian governments as a form of bilateral cooperation, need an application system which can manage information as an animal streghtening health services for preventing, detecting, and controllig the infectious animal disease, both emerging one and or the priority one.


iSHIKNAS should be able to give the latest information about the animal disease that happened in the field reported to the central governments, or the possibility of new disease that researched by the central governments reported to the field. The vast area of Indonesia and many farmers at the remote areas make this application should have a strong system that can reach all of the farmers in Indonesia. Other than that, the number of disease which is not low should be able to converted to code and readable in the appication so all the disease can be detected as early as possible. Data fickle make UI rendering process according to the obtained data become more difficult and complex.

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Ideas For Overcoming The Challenges

The complex and detail system will be simplified by making an SMS-based application system that can be able to be used by all farmers in Indonesia. The ease of using SMS become the main idea performing iSHIKNAS application development so Docotel providing human resources that be able to integrating web application system with SMS system that used as farmers information media. Other than that, Docotel also think of the best alternative of using the application so application development will be continued and won’t be stop at web application system and SMS only.


The farmers need for informations from governments about the diseases that will appear, as well as the completed data about livestock health in Indonesia can directly accessed by the farmers through web application. While in reporting about disease that happened in areas can directly communicate to the central, examinining and developing the treatment by giving the information directly by SMS.


' The farmers now can access information data about animal health easier and quicker through iSHIKNAS. Information flow between governments and the farmers become smoother with no obstacles through using SMS with code that had designed by Docotel’s programmer so data can be collected collectively by system and managed properly by governments. Currently Docotel is developing the system so that messaging can be done through Instant Messaging Service.

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