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Protect your data by destroy it permanently with Hard Disk Shredder and Degausser. Data sanitary management is important for company managing sensitive data, Hard Disk Shredder and Degausser ensure that the data is vanished.

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About Hard Disk Shredder and Degausser

Hard disk Shredder is a storage media shredder to physically destroy hard drive, SSD, CD, Floppy and mobile phones into small size pieces (± 20mm).


Hard disk Shredder  Ensure data confidentiality by using Hard disk Crusher, a device to physically destroy hard drive, SSD, magnetic tapes and mobile phones by dismantling the plate.

Hard disk Degausser will permanently deleted the data contained in the hard disk using electromagnetics until it can not be restored.

Complete Data Sanitary Management

Hard disk shredder and degausser will ensure the data will never be restored. 


Easy to Operate

Simple & clear button label information led to easy to operate.

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Destruction Method

Shredding or Crushing to ensure data on the shredded or crushed will never be able to restored.

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High Throughout

60 to 200 hard disk per-day

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Prevent data leaks
with Hard Disk Shredder and Crusher by DOCOTEL

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