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Garuda Learning System

Helping school, teacher and regulator to collaborate in achieving national education goals in digital era.

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About GLS

An integrated learning ecosystem that provide tools to administrate, plan, reporting and e-learning content (audio & video format) based on national curriculum standard.


Easy to use by teacher on every level, easy to adjust if any changes required, provide wide range of learning method, complete feature for class and learning subject teacher.

Make brighter generation in digital era

GLS is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that can be accessed anytime online to streamline the verification process.


E Report


Enriched by to tools to maintain student assignment & test, monitoring student attitude, guiding the student skill progress - E Report will generate automatically

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Dapodik generate and send automatically

note: send automatically when Dinas implementing GLS as well.

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Test Question List

Manage test question with regard to basic competence 

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Generate brighter generation

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