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Comprehensive Endpoint Security Solutions.

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About Everspin

Focus on cyber security industry, emphasize on mobile application security using dynamic security solution.

Securing Mobile and Web Apps

Everspin is provide anti-phishing and anti-hacking for securing mobile and web apps.




Fake Finder Anti Phishing Spot fake apps with pinpoint accuracy


Whitelist-based Detection by Verifies the authenticity of all apps installed in your device by referring to the Whitelist database, which stores every app released via official channels.

Preemptively detects fake apps that have not been discovered yet.


Identifies even the smallest discrepancy between your device installed apps and their original forms. 

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Using Code Integrity Check, User Environment Protection, Dynamic Encryption - Eversafe Anti Hacking activates a new set of security code every day. Even if an attacker analyzes the currently functioning code, before the analysis is completed, a whole new set of code replaces the current one. Therefore, any cyberattacks fall flat merely as an attempt.

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Yubikey - Strongest & Zero Compromised Multi protocol Authentication Device

Securing your Digital Assets (bank, crypto currency, email, social


PrivX Privilege Access Management

PrivX is a scalable, cost-efficient, and highly automated privileged access management (PAM) solution for your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Accelerate business growth
wit Fake Finder and Eversafe by DOCOTEL

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