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About The Company

E-Pasti AHU is online administration system created for organizing administrations of law (AHU) as part of Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. E-Pasti is application system which is created and developed according to AHU needs in running administrative system and their oprational.

Initial Requirements

AHU has an administration system that has been structured and manually systematic however it’s still lacking because they are less keep up with online activities. Other than that, AHU administration system which has been made manually make all of AHU works being excessive and messy. For finding the result reports or reciepts or official travels become homework for their employees. Less fit of the administration management system makes the whole activity report results become less reliable and didn’t meet the 5 basic principles of good governance, namely efficiency, fairness, transparency, Accountability and responsibility.


Making a government system application is not easy. AHU has many system and module that should be present in E-Pasti application. Every administrative activity which has been done by AHU staff should be openly observed, noted and accountable in E-Pasti application. Implementer, the person in charge, and authorized officials must be openly accountable in all of AHU activities. E-Pasti are required to be able to handle all of that needs.

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Ideas For Overcoming The Challenges

Docotel plan and provide the experts for answering the AHU challenge when creating E-Pasti applicaton. Our strength lies in reliable programmers, careful and conscientious quality assurance along with graphic design plans that according to AHU image. Beside the quality human resource, docotel provide a dynamic system which can developing continuously untill E-Pasti become perfect so it can used optimaly until all of E-Pasti fiture covering all of working flow system that AHU had.


Docotel made an application system named E-Pasti which is E-Office development system that helped us in doing administrative activity and online operational. Activity that become a fiture in E-Pasti application includes E-Pasti Application contains features suitable with government in general, start from RKAKL.


' E-Pasti become a dynamic base application system administrative application and meet the goal of 5 basic principles of good governance. With E-Pasti, AHU work’s system will be more fast, acurate, transparant, and can be justified by downloading file in application or viewed directly on the application. E-Pasti will not stop to developing. Until now, Docotel Technology continue to evolving and accomplish E-Pasti application by adding fitures and prepare to lead this application to mobile application.

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