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Electronic Know Your Customer

Knowing Your Customer Accurately even though without Customer Presence

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About e-kyc

e-KYC in principle is a changing trend from Know Your Customer which has been regulated since 2001 by Bank Indonesia Regulation No 3/10/PBI/2001 concerning the Application of Know Your Customer Principles (Know Your Customer Principles).

This principle is applied by the Bank to find out the identity of customers, monitor activities customer transactions, including reporting suspicious transactions.

Save time with automated processes

e-kyc is equipped with a comprehensive range of features that can be accessed anytime online to streamline the verification process.


Basic ID Verification, 
Card data verification system
identity that is matched with 
population data.

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Negative List Verification, 
System to verify a person's drug 
and terrorism criminal record.

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Workplace Verification, 
Leverage system for verification 
of a Person's workplace.

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Complete ID Verification, 
Biometric verification system
face and identity card data 
matched with population data.

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TAX & Income Verification, 
Leverage system data related to 
NPWP and a person's income.

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Phone Number Verification, 
Leverage System registered 
telephone number based on NIK


Liveness Verification, 
System to detect objects
life is not an inanimate object.

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Property Verification, 
System to verify ownership 
of one's property.

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