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Badan Pembinaan Hukum Nasional


About The Company

2015 SIDBANKUM Online application is the Information System Database Legal Aid Application used by Legal Aid Orgaization for filling a legal aid application process. The successful of Docotel performance in their collaboration with AHU made they trusted Docotel again for make an application which managed by Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

Initial Requirements

BPHN services againts legal aid which is given to disadvantage communnity feels less maximal because the service which is given are less fast and less responsive so their service provided are less effective and efficient. Other than that, archiving document is done manually so it doesn’t feel efficient and become a big obstacles while doing the operations activities. So, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights feel they need to built an application system which can simplify BPHN works in giving their services, so legal requirement for disadvantage community can be optimaly fulfilled.


Inovation that Docotel made when creating SID BANKUM application encountered many challenges in the making process. Government throughtout Indonesia have regional office as legal aid verifiers and executive committee which is given to public, but not all of the regional office has technology advandces like email that will be used as User ID on the application. Other than that, while making projects, legal foundation about SID BANKUM application until terms are attached in the making process were fluctuate.

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Ideas For Overcoming The Challenges

Docotel fully aware that legal aid for disadvantaged community is very important and is a dynamic process. So, Docotel preparing the experts who understand and comprehend what BPHN need in detail to assist the process of making this application. Other than that, Docotel preparing special design team who understand exactly UI design that is easy to use so all Legal Aid Organization can use and observe each activity in giving legal aid with government transparently.


YII Framework

NetApp Data Service

MySql Database


Currently BPHN can observing, controlling, and running legal aid for disadvantaged community with more efective and effecient. Legal Aid activity through OBH in Indonesia can be observed and overcome properly through this applicaton. Docotel also evolving when made this application because we know more about legal aid against disadvantage community is really there and it is realized by governments, and Docotel become a part of optimizing governments work program.

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