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Administrasi Hukum Online

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About The Company

AHU Online is the official website of General Directorate of Public Law Administration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. Ahu is a system of legal services that includes transactions Notary, Law Firm (Company, Foundation, and Association), Fiduciary, and Testament.

Initial Requirements

Ditjen AHU needed an online application system of legal services that can perform notary and public transactions quick. Some features including transactions, payments. The process was previously done manually and took up to a few months.


Handle large transaction data.

Build an easy to use application that all notary and public in Indonesia can understand.

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Ideas For Overcoming The Challenges

Creating a database structure as optimal as possible that is build specifically for transactions.

Using supported framework engine for the application system.

Powerful server specifications to handle all users in Indonesia.


YII Framework

NetApp Data Service

MySql Database


AHU non-tax revenue doubled and notary user or general have now online access to notary information.

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